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Advent Carol Festa

November 9, 2009

28Keep December 6 at 5 p.m. free and send for a ticket now, or you may miss one of the great musical events of our 150th Anniversary. The Advent Carol Festival on the Feast of St Nicholas will be sung by what has been described as the best church choir on the East Coast with, on the organ, Peter Conte, who is recognized as one of the best organists in America, as his country-wide recitals attest, not to mention his playing of the largest working organ in the world, the Wanamaker organ here in Philadelphia.

There is going to be a great demand for seats, so please apply now, with the suggested donation of $20 (or much more, if you can afford it!) All the costs of the Festa will be covered by a few generous donors, so the proceeds of the evening itself will all go to the St Clement’s charities. Not one cent will be spent on admin, I assure you.

The secular world now begins so-called “Christmas” celebrations from November on, and the Church has to go along with this in some cases, such as schools, where services are held before the Feast itself. But with this Advent Fest, St Clement’s is proclaiming that the season of preparing for Christmas is not only important but beautiful. Half the pleasure of a special day is in the preparation, and this is so of both Christmas and Easter. Advent and Lent are beautiful seasons, and vitally necessary in a world where governments are back in the old Roman business of keeping the mob happy with “bread and circuses”, where all is tinsel and fools’ gold. The Church has the sense to dress in purple for two seasons a year and to talk honestly and openly about judgement, self-sacrifice, suffering and death – all anathema to the Disneyland, soap-opera, self-deluding lives led by so many.

So come and pack St Clement’s on December 6 and leave behind sufficient funds for our Helping Others Group to perform some of the corporal works of mercy in the winter ahead.

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