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G.H. Morrison on “Tiny” Prayers

July 6, 2009

“Our tiniest petitions  might seem large, if we only knew what the answer would involve. There are things which you ask for which seem little things. They are peculiar and personal and private. They are not plainly vast like some petitions, as when we pray for the conversion of the world. Yet could you follow out that prayer of yours, that little private individual prayer, you might find it calling for the power of heaven as mightily as the conversion of the nations. ‘Thou art coming to a king, large petitions with thee  bring.’ Only remember that a large petition is not always measured by the compass of it. It may be small and yet it may be large. It may be trifling and be tremendous, for all the dear dead days beyond recall may somehow be implicated in the answer.

You are lonely, and you pray to God that he would send a friend into your life. And then some day to you there comes that friend, perhaps in the most casual of meetings. Yet who shall tell the countless prearrangements, and the nice adjustment of a million orderings, before there was that footfall on the threshold which has made all the difference in the world to you? Give us this day our daily bread, and the sunshine and the storm are in the answer. Give us a friend, and perhaps there were no answer saving for omniscience and omnipotence. Now we know in part and we see in part; but when we know even as we are known we shall discover all that was involved in the answer to our humblest prayers.”

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