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Eric Mascall on Austin Farrer

May 18, 2009

I’ve just found a poem written by Dr Eric Mascall, called “On the Election of Austin Farrer – St Matthias’ Day,1960”. As well as demonstrating Dr Mascall’s felicity with verse (best shown in his delightful but now hard-to-find book “Pi in the High”) it also rightly prophesies the impact Austin Farrer would make through his theological writings, as I was saying in an earlier post. Here it is:

“When Judas left, in ultimate disgrace,

Explosively, and went to his own place,

The eleven solved their problem in a trice

And filled the vacancy by casting dice.

They hailed Matthias’ apostolic r eign

And no one ever heard of him again.


When Keble’s Warden with his record clean

Reluctantly became Westminster’s Dean

The Fellows, huddled in their winter coats,

Spent weeks and weeks before they cst their votes;

But, patience justified, at last they found

One with whose praises all Christendom shall sound.”


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