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The Actress and the Bishop

April 2, 2009

m_481e1b2df82b2d2408e9117ceca10669I suppose everyone knows the joke of saying after almost any remark, “As the actress said to the Bishop!” It can be very amusing once or twice, but gets irritating after a time.

Anyway, when I was Rector of St Michael & All Saints in Edinburgh, I was Chaplain to the Kings Theatre. This mean that I visited the casts of shows and helped actors with any problems they had. About once a week I held a party for any of them who cared to come. At one of them I heard an actress say something to the Bishop of Moray, Ross & Caithness (who was staying with me for a few days). Someone else, without thinking about it, added the old joke: “As the actress said to the Bishop” – and suddenly we all went quiet and then cheered. For the first, and probably the only, time it had been from a real actress to a real Bishop!

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