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The Atheists’ Advertisement

March 9, 2009

blur12A friend asks me: “What do you make of the advert that militant atheists have run on London buses, which says: “There probably is no God. So relax and enjoy your life”. 

Well, I have no objection to atheists or (given the “probably”) agnostics being allowed to air their views and run advertisements. After all, we have all been deluged, at least in America, with billboards from fundamentalists, telling us that we have only one choice: Jesus or Hell-fire.

But the atheists have really shot themselves in the foot if they mean that if we would only stop believing in God, we need do nothing but relax and enjoy our lives. Would our abandonment of belief in God take away the cancer that has just been discovered in our partner? Or the homeless and crazy on the streets of our cities? Or the foul dictators who are stealing the food sent to aid their starving people, so that they can bribe their armies? We are to relax and look after Number One, and it will be most enjoyable?

Sheer selfish nonsense, and an attitude which would very soon come crashing down on the atheist or agnostic. Have you ever seen atheist relief operations after an earthquake? No, it is Caritas or Christian Aid that rushes in to help. Have you seen any soup kitchens at the local Atheist Society’s Clubrooms? No, they are in little church halls all over the world. What have atheists done to free the slaves, or provide hospitals in remote African villages, or promote respect for every human person, no matter how ignorant or ill or even antagonistic? Not a lot!  

It would be unkind (but tempting) to reply with a poster that said: “If the atheist is right, we’ll never know it; but if the Christian is right, the atheist had better start thinking up excuses as he approaches the Pearly Gates!”

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  1. John White permalink
    March 12, 2009 3:40 am

    I really enjoyed this post; I wish that more Christians would respond in such a way.

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