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Feeding the Hungry

March 8, 2009

St Clement’s is best known for its traditional Liturgy and glorious music, all of which can be seen and heard on our web site. But what is invisible and little known is its “corporal works of mercy”, to use the old phrase, without which its liturgy and music would be as useless for our Christian life as a glorious performance of Tosca.

Tonight I went with seven of our members to a winter shelter for twenty homeless men, in the basement of a nearby church. They carried in large trays of lasagna and bowls of salad which they had prepared at home, as well as some tasty sweets. I waited till they began to serve the dinner and then went back to church for Evensong and the Novena Prayers, and though I was alone, I knew I was offering the opus Dei for all the members of our Helping Others Group.

The Helping Others group is a recent creation in St Clement’s,  and has started out in several small ways. They had a silent auction at the end of last year and from the proceeds were able to give several thousand dollars to two Episcopal churches with soup kitchens. They have also collected food and clothing and given it to the  very fine centre at St Mary’s, Bainbridge St.

Tomorrow, the members of the Group will hear the Gospel of the Transfiguration at Mass, and will make their own the Lord’s command to come down from the mountain, and to carry his shining presence to those who need that Light so desperately.

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