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First real blog

March 2, 2009

I doubt if I am going to  be a daily blogger, for the same reason that I have written just two books: I am not sure that anyone wants to  read what I write. However, I may get the fever (blogitis?) and swamp the net.

Yesterday was interesting: we had a noisy Quiet Day. S. Clement’s has recently had a Lenten Quiet Day on Lent 4,  which is the mid-Lent pause, when the Church goes into rose pink vestments, and I have always felt it was a bit odd to be on Mothering or Refreshment sunday and to be having a Silent Lunch. So this year I moved it to Lent 1 and made it a Day of Recollection and abolished the silence at the lunch. 

Apart from two short addresses and the sermon during the High Mass, most of the time from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. was spent in prayer and in filling in some sheets I had made which asked people to make lists of ten things. These were:

Ten sins I  confess

Ten things (or people) for which I want to give thanks

Ten things I would like to appear in my obituary

Ten (small) resolutions I will keep t his Lent

Ten ways in which S. Clement’s might grow.

Of course I emphasised that ten was just a guideline (like the Ten Commandments!), and that all these sheets of paper were to be kept private exccept the last one which I think we will use as a basis for further exploration of the future of our church. In spite of this, I would love to have seen some of the Obituaries!

We finished with our usual Solemn Vespers and Benediction and then I went out to dinner with friends, “tired but happy” as children always end accounts of a day at the seaside.

Now for Lent proper.

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  1. ambly permalink
    March 4, 2009 5:02 pm

    We all barely made it through the 20th – now it is our challenge to make the best of the 21st.

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